Dinzy Pet Hospital – The Whole New Gaming Arena for Kids

Lambent I.T. Solutions Pvt. Ltd is back with their new kids gaming venture on iOS and Google Play Store.

After giving some amazing mobile gaming applications like Amazing Street Food Maker, Pop Corn Factory etc, Dinzy Pet Hospital is the new kid based game which are going to encounter from the house of Lambent I.T. Solutions.

With Dinzy Pet Hospital, Lambent I.T. Solutions is now focusing on the much demanding kids gaming category of the app stores now. Dinzy Pet Hospital is designed and development keeping kids and their gaming requirement in mind. According to Mr. Chandan Verma (CEO at Dinzy Labs Games Inc.), this gaming app can be trend setter among the kids as lots of research and survey has been done before starting up this game. The idea behind intense research was to know what exactly children want in a mobile game and what they love to play. Moreover, Lambent I.T. Studios has launched a video tutorial to this game in order to make child understand this game in a much better ways and enjoy it to the fullest. The Youtube link to the tutorial video is mentioned below –

Apart from these factors, this mobile gaming application will have some added features –

  • Specially designed graphics for kids.
  • Background music to compliment the game play.
  • User’s expertise can be measured with leader-board option.
  • Lucid tap and drag gaming format.

The best part of this gaming app is that it is based on curing and healing pet like dog, cat etc. And kids just love pets and that is what makes this game special for kids. Another good factor about Dinzy Pet Hospital is not only kids can play and enjoy it but everybody can enjoy it equally. Moreover, it comes with repeat value added to it which makes users play it again and again. In nutshell can say that Dinzy Pet Hospital is an addictive gaming venture.

Dinzy Pet Hospital is available for free download on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. The free download links are mentioned below –

iTunes App Store -

Google Play Store -

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