Digital Matters is a new UK publisher that wants to offer indies the "AAA treatment"

"Digital Matters was founded on a simple belief: today’s indie games have a marketing problem."

Former Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment marketing director Spencer Crossley has co-founded a new UK publisher called Digital Matters alongside Heaven Media director Mark Reed.

The pair claim their new venture will give smaller studios "the AAA treatment" when it comes to publishing, and are hoping to leverage their marketing experience to help indie developers establish themselves.

"Digital Matters was founded on a simple belief: today’s indie games have a marketing problem. With competition fiercer, and discovery more challenging than ever before, making a great game is no longer enough, and the importance of marketing in helping a game reach its commercial potential cannot be overstated," reads a press release.

The fledgling publisher explains it will "put marketing front and centre" to help developers find their audience, while also making use of Heaven Media's global network of commercial, hardware, and peripheral partners.

"Through funding for development, marketing expertise, and a wealth of publishing experience, we have the facilities to create success stories, and to get the best out of games and developers," said Crossley, who'll be stepping into the role of CEO.

Digital Matters has already signed its first project, a multiplayer combat racer called KEO that's being developed by Redcatpig Studio.

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