Digital Bros acquires Puzzle Quest publisher D3 Go

Digital Bros, parent company of publisher 505 Games which itself owns Puzzle Quest developer Infinity Plus Two, acquired the D3 Go for an undisclosed fee.

505 Games parent company Digital Bros has acquired publisher D3 Go for an undisclosed fee.

Interestingly, the acquisition reunites frequent Puzzle Quest publisher D3 Go with Puzzle Quest developer Infinity Plus Two, which itself was acquired by Digital Bros early last year.

Last year's acquisition sought to bolster 505 Games' position in the free-to-play market, and this latest deal seeks to solidify it by giving the company "Exclusive Ownership of Entire [Puzzle Quest] Series," as outlined in a press release announcing the deal.

In the announcement, 505 Games' head of free-to-play Clive Robert explained that the deal is a "natural fit" and helps the company strengthen its IP catalog.

“This acquisition marks the second for us in only two years as we continue our dedication to growing the F2P business unit and bringing to gamers the best there is to offer--from original games, to powerhouse licenses, and beyond,” continues Robert.

The wider Puzzle Quest series includes free-to-play games like Marvel Puzzle Quest, Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns, and seven others published by D3 Go.

Even aside from the acquisition itself, 505 Games seems especially keen to make its growing free-to-play ambitions apparent. The press release goes on to note that the company's wider profile has "several" free-to-play projects currently in the works, and that D3 Go will continue to pursue additional investments in the near future.

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