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Devolver offers demo space near GDC to devs blocked by U.S. travel ban

The publisher has set aside room and hardware (PCs and Vive headsets) in its demo space near GDC later this month to showcase games from devs affected by the White House's recent travel ban.

Alex Wawro, Contributor

February 2, 2017

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Publisher Devolver Digital has laid plans to set aside room and hardware (PCs and HTC Vives) in its demo space near the Game Developers Conference later this month to showcase games from devs affected by the White House's recent travel ban.

It's a nice show of support for game makers from countries targeted by the ban, which (as of this writing) applies to nationals from Libya, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, and Sudan.

If you or someone you know is interested in taking Devolver up on their offer, the company has set up a special website to accept submissions. Preference will be given to "those developers that were set to travel to GDC and were forced to cancel their plans due to the immigration ban," and selected games will be set up in the "Devolver Underground" demo space a short walk away from the Moscone Convention Center. 

GDC 2017 will be taking place in that convention center February 27th - March 3rd, and Devolver plans to demonstrate selected games in its offsite space for the first three days of the show (so, Feb. 27th - March 1st.) 

It's worth pointing out that the organizers of GDC have offered to refund any attendees affected by the ban. In the days since it was implemented, many game makers have publicly expressed their sadness and outrage over the White House's order. For a more informed and practical look at what you can (and can't) do to protect your game dev staff in the wake of this ban, check out video game attorney Mona Ibrahim's recent blog post on the subject.

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