Dev taps blockchain tech to make Pokemon playable on Twitch -- for a price

While the game itself isn't terribly fresh (it's basically Twitch Plays Pokemon, For A Price) it is intriguing to see a dev layering in cryptocurrency fees to play a live game on a per-action basis.

Portugal-based dev João Almeida has built a website that lets visitors play a running game of Pokemon on Twitch, but there's a twist: players must pay a small amount of cryptocurrency (100 Satoshi, or about $0.006 at current exchange) for every move they input.

While the game itself isn't terribly interesting -- it's basically Twitch Plays PokemonFor A Price -- it is intriguing to see a dev layering in cryptocurrency fees to play a live game on a per-action basis.

It apparently works in large part because it's built using the cryptocurrency payment processor OpenNode and Lightning, a speed-focused "open protocol layer" that's designed to sit inside applications and process cryptocurrency transactions very quickly.

Almeida is also open about the fact that he got the idea from another tweet last week basically saying "what if someone did Twitch Plays Pokemon, but with Lightning micropayments?" 

It's unclear how long the experiment (branded Poketoshi) is expected to run, but devs curious to keep tabs on it or learn more about how Almeida built it should probably keep tabs on his Twitter account.

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