DeNA ends western development with closure of San Francisco studio

DeNA Global and the company's overseas subsidiaries are to be liquidated as the Japanese company draws its focus away from Western game development.

DeNA announced the closure and liquidation of San Fransisco based DeNA Global and its other overseas subsidiaries, including mobile games publisher ngmoco.

The closure of DeNA’s western properties is of particular interest because it is still in an ongoing partnership with Nintendo to release mobile games based on the company’s franchises.

The company will continue operations in Japan and China, and plans to shift its Western efforts “towards collaborations with external partners rather than doing game development in a local studio.”

“During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2016, DeNA optimized the organizational structure and game portfolio in West, and has been developing games for the West market with a lean structure since,” notes a release sent to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

“However, since the games did not meet expectations, DeNA has decided to dissolve and liquidate its West subsidiaries, including DeNA Global, Inc.“

The dissolution of DeNA Global means the developer's sole western presence will be through partnerships with Nintendo and other developers, rather than games developed by DeNA itself.

DeNA and Nintendo have already collaborated on the game Miitomo, and have four more titles slated for release prior to March 2017, including free-to-play games based on Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing.

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