Day of the Devs opens submissions for new showcase at The Game Awards

Indie creators must submit their game for consideration by September 20.

Day of the Devs has opened submissions for a new indie showcase in partnership with The Game Awards.

Day of the Devs: The Game Awards Edition will champion indie games and developers during the annual end-of-year celebration with a livestream showcase on December 6, 2023, and free in-person event in Los Angeles on December 8.

Organizers said the two-part event will help indie devs reach a bigger audience than ever before, and have called on creators to submit their titles for consideration for the in-person showcase by September 20.

Select games from the in-person event will then be invited to participate in the livestream showcase.

"As always, Day of the Devs is looking for unique, diverse and beautiful indie games to spotlight. Developers from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply and games/projects of all types and genres will be considered," reads a press release.

"Day of the Devs is completely free to participating developers, subsidized and sponsored by participating AAA partners, giving indie games a major platform without a financial barrier to entry."

The addition of a Game Awards showcase to the calendar means the original Day of the Devs live show, which has taken place in San Francisco for the last decade, will be moving to a new date. As a result, the next Day of the Devs live show in the city will take place in early 2024 rather than November 2023.

Commenting on the switch-up, Double Fine founder and Day of the Devs co-founder Tim Schafer said the move will ultimately benefit the San Francisco event.

"It will be hard to wait the extra time until our next live show in San Francisco," said Tim Schafer. But we promise that because of this move, the San Francisco show will be better than ever, taking place at a time when even more folks will be in town so that they can attend in person. So now you have even more choices where to see great indie games and meet the devs who made them."

Those eager to participate in Day of the Devs: TGA Edition can submit their project for consideration by filling out this form.

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