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Danish studio Full Control gives up making new games, lays off staff

The 11-year-old Danish studio responsible for games like Jagged Alliance: Flashback and Space Hulk has stopped developing new projects and laid off almost all staff after running out of money.

Alex Wawro, Contributor

March 18, 2015

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News is spreading in the U.K. press today that Full Control, the 11-year-old Danish studio responsible for games like Jagged Alliance: Flashback and Space Hulk, has been forced to cease developing new games and lay off almost all staff after running out of money.

Studio founder Thomas Lund told Nordicgame that this is the culmination of months of cutbacks, starting at the tail end of 2014 when Full Control began laying off staff due to lack of funding.

Negotiating an exit agreement with studio investor Capnova and paying back their loan seems to have wiped out Full Control's remaining budget, which was only expected to last until April.

"The loan costs alone took away too much money to sustain a production team," said Lund. "We simply did not have that last 1% of luck securing a new signed project in time, even with several pitches having been greenlit."

Going forward, Full Control plans to continue releasing content for Space Hulk and providing technical support as Lund seeks deals to port Full Control's games to new platforms. 

Lund has himself taken a new job with Sybo Games, which operates out of the same Copenhagen office building as Full Control, and Gamasutra has reached out to him for further comment on how many people have been affected by these changes.

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