Cloud Imperium Games acquires IT developer Turbulent Games

The Star Citizen developer acquires the team it's had helping with the game's development since 2012.

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) has acquired Turbulent Games. CIG's purchase of the studio comes after the two have collaborated on its popular, still unfinished sci-fi multiplayer game for well over a decade. 

Based in Montreal, Turbulent is a consultation developer with experience in education, entertainment, and video games. It's previously done work for Star Citizen ranging from character art to tech tools and backend services for the game's multiplayer features. 

Non-CIG clients and projects will continue as planned, said Turbulent, and no layoffs or internal shakeups will occur.

CIG first acquired a 25 percent shareholder stake in the studio back in 2020, and this official acquisition was deemed "[a completion] of a long-term and fruitful joining of the companies." Turbulent added that the acquisition will "allow [us] to continue plans for expansion while remaining true to its values."

"After more than a decade of shared success, it was only natural that the next step be to join forces," said CTO Benoit Beauséjour. He and CEO Marc Beaudet will now serve as CIG shareholders and members of its executive group, respectively as CTO and senior VP of studio operations. 

Beauséjour further said being brought into CIG's fold will help Turbulent "benefit from the expertise of a huge global network of CIG talent while our studio team will now be able to work on projects that are international in scope.”

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