CI Games establishes United Label, a new publishing label dedicated to indies

Sniper Ghost Warrior and The Lords of the Fallen developer-publisher CI Games has announced the creation of United Label, an all new publishing label dedicated to indie developers.

CI Games, the developer and publisher behind Sniper Ghost Warrior and The Lords of the Fallen franchises, has announced the creation of a new publishing label called United Label.

According to a press release, United Label will be dedicated to indie developers and already has four games in its repertoire including Röki from Polygon Treehouse, Eldest Souls from Fallen Flag Studios, Tails of Iron from Odd Bug Studios, and Horae from Lunaris Iris.

"United Label will pursue its expansion by gathering creative talents, offering a structure to success and building long-term relationships with developers," commented CI Games CEO, Marek Tyminski.

Speaking to Gamasutra, United Label business development head  Denis Ferrier explained the label will be funding game developers in exchange for a revenue share, though he underlined the importance of devs having options. 

"Adopting a flexible and agile structure, our first priority is to fully understand and be on the same page as each of our partners, understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all answer, especially when it comes to the scope of funding," he explained. "We offer, on a case-by-case basis, flexible funding models depending on individual developers’ needs."

The publishing label is also aware of the state of the industry for developers looking to get their games noticed. "In a crowded market, the only solution to succeed is strong quality and/or differentiation," he added.

"We have learned much from our past experiences in the space between indie and AAA and intend to use this crucial knowledge and strong team spirit to create innovative ideas to attract new audiences."

As for what United Label is looking for in developers they might want to support? It really depends. 

"First and foremost, we are looking for talented teams who are ready to join this new thinking," continued Ferrier. "Regarding the type of games we are looking for, I would say it’s really dependent on gameplay and artistic direction. Our current approach relies on finding games with strong global design and unique, striking artistic directions.

"Our goal is to continue finding indie jewels and offering the right adaptive publishing muscles to enable them to shine at the level they deserve."

Röki and Eldest Souls are slated for released in 2019, while Tails of Iron and Horae will come in 2020. Those of you interested in learning more about United Label and its catalog of games can click here.

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