China's Huawei thinks it can capture Switch market...with a $1,000 phone

Chinese tech outfit Huawei believes it is capable of taking on the Nintendo Switch with its new $1,000 smartphone.

Chinese tech outfit Huawei believes it is capable of taking on the Nintendo Switch with its new smartphone -- which costs $1,000.

As reported by Nintendo Life, the Huawei Mate 20 X, due out October 26, is an all-new gaming phone that's meant to target the same market as Nintendo's versatile slate. Huawei drew side-by-side comparisons between the Switch and its new smartphone at an unveiling yesterday.

The company claims the Mate 20 X is better equipped for gaming thanks to its larger 7.2 inch 1080p OLED screen, and a bigger 5000mAh battery that'll facilitate roughly 6.7 hours of play.

Huawei went on the call the Mate 20 X "the best portable gaming machine" out there, and while those specs might've turned a few heads, the powerful smartphone comes with more than a few caveats. 

For starters, the Mate 20 X will retail for around $1,000, which is substantially more than the Switch's $300. It can also only connect to one of Huawei's optional gamepads (the company's idea of Joy-Cons), meaning players will always have to use touch-screen controls in some capacity. Huawei didn't outline if the Mate 20 X would emulate Switch's most distinctive feature: seamless transitioning between portable and living room TV play.

There's also no word on what sort of games will be featured in the Mate 20 X's library, beyond the standard mobile fare.

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