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Chat with the developers behind Close To The Sun at 12PM EST

You can chat with the Italy-based developers of the Epic Games Store exclusive Close To The Sun starting at 12PM EST.

Bryant Francis

May 8, 2019

1 Min Read

As the Epic Games Store begins its Kaiju-like fight with Steam, one of the smaller developers to sign an exclusivity deal with Epic is Italy-based developer Storm in a Teacup. The studio used the Epic Store to launch its new horror game Close To The Sun, a spiritual successor to BioShock that trades gunplay for raw atmosphere and a sunken city for an infected cruise liner (the game has also launched on PS4 and Xbox One.)

We're here this morning to let you know that if you're curious about releasing games on the Epic Game Store, you can chat with the developers from Storm in a Teacup starting at 12PM EST on the GDC Twitch channel. The developers of Close To The Sun are dropping by for a chat about making their game, and you're invited to ask your questions! 

Whether you want to know about what it's like making games in Italy, or just have questions about what Epic does for smaller developers, you can drop by and ask away in Twitch chat. 

And for more game developer interviews and curated GDC talks, be sure to follow the GDC Twitch channel. 

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