CD Projekt ending active development on Gwent after 2023

The studio is working on an initiative called "Project Gwentfinity" that will let fans keep supporting the title.

CD Projekt Red will be ending active development on Gwent: The Witcher Card Game after 2023.

Gwent game director Vladimir Tortsov and CD Projekt Red senior communication manager Pawel Burza broke the news in a roadmap video, announcing plans to continue supporting the title over the next 12 months with new card drops and esports events, before eventually stepping away in 2024.

Although CD Projekt will stop developing new content for the game after 2023, the Polish studio wants to give players the tools to keep Gwent alive though a community-driven initiative called "Project Gwentfinity"

The studio said it wants to bring Gwent to a state that feels like it can sustain itself before handing the keys to the project over to fans, who'll be given the opportunity and tools to make tweaks and continue supporting the title.

CD Projekt said it was "always the dream" to hand the title over to players, but wants to make sure the meta has been fully stabilized before stepping away.

As for how 2023 will play out in terms of content drops, CD Projekt is planning on releasing new cards in April, July, and September next year, adding 72 new cards to Gwent before the year is out.

There will also be two Gwent Masters esports tournaments, which are currently scheduled to take place in summer and winter.

Tortsov emphasized that the Gwent team remains focused on making the game prepared for Project Gwentfinity, and reassured players that CD Projekt will continue operating servers, comms, and tech support through 2023 and beyond.

In a follow-up post on social media, Tortsov added that CD Projekt will soon share more details about the future of Gwent in a bid to answer any questions fans might have.


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