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Campo Santo's Nels Anderson opens new game dev studio: Caledonia

"I've started a cool team of people to make a sweet video game," Anderson, who previously made games at Campo Santo and Klei Entertainment, announced on Twitter.

Alissa McAloon

September 22, 2017

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Nels Anderson, formerly of Campo Santo, announced that he has opened up his own game development studio to develop a yet unannounced “sweet video game.” 

The studio itself is called Caledonia and, beyond that, details are scarce. But Anderson notes that he has already assembled a squad of developers to join him on the project, though he hasn’t disclosed who will be joining him on his new team quite yet. 

Anderson himself was one of the first members of Firewatch dev Campo Santo, and served as a designer for that project. Prior to his days at Campo Santo, Anderson spent time at Klei Entertainment, first as a programmer in 2008 and later as the lead designer on Mark of the Ninja in 2010. 

“Ok, things are real enough to say I've started a cool team of people to make a sweet video game. We're Caledonia,” Anderson announced over Twitter. “Will be talking about the team and game soon-ish, but mostly this is just because I know there are all kinds of things I don't know, so I'll be picking the brains of you very smart people about things, and now you'll have some idea of what I'm nattering on about!”

Update: An earlier version of this story branded Anderson a cofounder of Campo Santo. Anderson later contacted Gamasutra to say that Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin are technically the only cofounders. "Founder? More like flounder!" Anderson told Gamasutra, referring to the well-known species of flatfish.

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