Business is Business.

It's never personal.

Business is business. Never take it personal, people say. I’ve heard that saying quite a lot in these couple of months and started wondering why. I am a newbie, rookie, unexperienced, call me however you want. I understand the wise statement my father quoted, the words that covered every Forbes issue and were “supposedly” said by wealthy men, which succeeded in business of any kind.


What about gaming industry? Does the statement adjust the community of game developers? Whenever I read articles about successful game designers/producers/CEO’s . They mostly speak of passion, love, commitment and other inspiring bullshits that helped them succeed in this industry, but what about the failures? 


It’s nice to follow someone and read how he managed to make millions dollar worth game/app/anything when he has ALREADY done it. It’s encouraging to read his advices on how to climb your way up the ladder with no stools. Some of us even write those people’s advices down on the paper, to keep us going forward, some actually believe in their “tough” reminiscence of their career beginnings. 


I do not. Not because i think I know better, but because I know that people change and that people obviously want to forget the bad stuff. The beginnings are always bad, in every business.


Why remember them? Why talk about them, when you succeed? Why get vulnerable? 

I wouldn’t like my face connected to the heading 


“ She was a failure and no one believed she would ever succeed , even she didn’t believe in herself!" Turn to page 2 to hear her advices on money making… Yeah, right! 


I’d like to share my story. To be more exact, the beginning of my story. My finger is on the START button, I hope someone will join the real life game. Even though it’s not a multiplayer we are playing, I still hope there are some available co op missions.


I always cheated in games, used codes, read walkthroughs…Used them, when I really didn't need them. Now I wish there were ones for real life game. We all play a part in this life, we choose our missions, some we accomplish, some not. Every person has an objective in his life. 

What’s yours? Hell, I am still figuring what’s mine. The beauty is in the game itself, they say. But when we fail? When we fail big, why can’t we find that big red button called REPLAY!?

Where the heck is it? So what do we do?


I am not good at opening scenes. People hate me, envy me, think that I am an over confident good looking bitch and a woman, who doesn't belong in the business… 

I really hope that, that quote doesn't come from my father. 


Mostly those people who judge me are right, because I play my part so believably well, like that badass guy in FarCry 4. But actually I am more like Max PAIN(worn out, insecure, pill taking, sweet guy, you just want to hug and paint his nails red )…right max pain in the arse…an insecure one, unprepared, and hoping that someone - you guys out there will press A and help me finish the first mission.

Hello! My nickname is Red Nailz. I have a job to do. A big one. 

The objective is somewhere in an unopened map and I haven't yet unlocked Level 1 of experience. Plus, I am an “easy mode” player, but in this game only Pro’s survive .

How did I enter the game, you ask? 

I do not know. By mistake, actually… I was watching porn, and the game just downloaded itself. 

Will I finish it? No idea. 

Have I been already WASTED? I did. 

Did I get over it? No.

Only a Doctorate can lead this project. So, you basically know little bit of this and little bit of that…Actually, you know nothing. Oh! And you are a woman


Do not take it personally, I kept running this thought in my head for a week now. 

It is 23 p.m. I am returning home to my lovely boyfriend. 

Last month I have been coming home never before 21 p.m. 

I haven't seen my dad for a week now, he lives across the street! 


What about my Master's degree?… I have examinations waiting…actually, they are not waiting. I am one who is waiting…What about my knowledge…about anything and everything and nothing…what about me being a woman…what about those wealth guys advices in Forbes? 

What was the true price of the front cover in the magazines? I am 22, I smoke a lot and sometimes I have this seizures, its some form of heart decease that can lead to heart attacks…what would I know, I have no Doctorate degree. 


Oh…there’s something on the screen…

Mission Failed.

I took it personally. I still take it personally. There is no replay button, but I can try out some other mission…It’s a co op one.



Wanna press A to join the game?


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