Bungie is going "digital first" and says remote working is here to stay

"The transition to work-from-home wasn’t easy, but the results speak for themselves."

Destiny developer Bungie is going "digital-first" to enable remote working across its studios.

The company explained that most current and future roles in states including Washington, California, Oregon, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas will be "fully remote eligible" moving forward.

The studio, which is being acquired by PlayStation maker Sony for $3.6 billion, added that more states will be approved for remote work soon.

Bungie chief exec Pete Parsons said the transition to remote working, necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has delivered results even though it "wasn't easy."

"Over the past two years, we have redefined how we work at Bungie," said Parsons on Twitter. "The transition to work-from-home wasn’t easy, but the results speak for themselves. Today, it’s clear that a digital-first workplace isn’t the future of work – it is already here, and We. Are. All. In."

Explaining why remote working is being limited to certain states for the time being, Bungie talent sourcer Matt Purcell said the studio is still working to meet the necessary tax requirements in some areas.

"We have to pay/withhold payroll taxes, provide benefits, comply with state employment laws, etc -- it takes time and effort to get set up on a state-by-state basis," added Purcell on Twitter.

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