Bungie experiments with selling level boosts for Destiny

The folks at Bungie have quietly added Destiny level boosts to the PlayStation Store, which means Destiny players can now pay to skip through a large chunk of the game.

The folks at Bungie have quietly added Destiny level boosts to the PlayStation Store, which means Destiny players can now pay to skip through a large chunk of the game.

This is not novel -- many paid and free games sell progress boosters for real money -- but it's notable because it marks the inclusion of so-called "pay-to-win" systems into Destiny

The game gained cosmetic microtransactions in October, and today Eurogamer noticed that Destiny character boost packs were being sold on the PlayStation Store for £25 (~$37.50 USD) apiece.

Shortly thereafter some Reddit users began posting images of the same boosts being sold on the U.S. PlayStation Store for $25 each, and they've since appeared on the U.S. Xbox Live Marketplace with a $30 price tag. 

Each pack grants a player a the power to jump a specific class of character to level 25 (the game's current level cap is 40), as well as boost their character's subclass and collect a few consumable items.

It's worth noting that Bungie parent Activision Blizzard beat expectations with its most recent earnings report due to record digital revenues, bolstered in part by sales of Destiny: The Taken King (which included a consumable level boost item) and Hearthstone, which makes all its money on microtransactions and has consistently been an outsized earner for the company.

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