Bungie awarded $6.7M in final lawsuit against Destiny 2 cheat makers

Having won against Lavicheats, Bungie's legal battle against Destiny 2 cheat makers now comes to an end.

Bungie has won its fourth lawsuit against a group of Destiny 2 cheat-sellers. 

Axios' Stephen Totilo recently saw that the developer was awarded $6.7 million against the website Lavicheats, a creator and seller of cheats that Destiny 2 players can buy and use. Its owner, the India-based Kunal Bansal, reportedly failed to respond to Bungie's motion filed back in February. 

Bungie's win here comes a handful of weeks after the court awarded it $12 million from Mihai Claudiu-Florentin, owner of VeteranCheats. Both he and Bansal were sued by Bungie along with Elite Boss Tech nearly two years ago. All three had been accused of breaching copyright by making and selling their cheats to Destiny 2 players.

According to Bungie's court documents, Bansal's cheats had been downloaded nearly 2,000 times. The documents claim users would have to buy those cheats from him "at prices that varied depending on the length of the license and the cheat acquired." 

Following that initial February motion, Lavicheats stopped selling cheats for Destiny 2. Unlike with Claudiu-Florentin, though, it doesn't appear that Bungie has filed (or is capable of filing) a permanent injunction against Bansal. 

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