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Blizzard awarded $8.5M in damages following copyright infringement lawsuit

Game hack maker and distributor Bossland has been ordered to pay Blizzard $8.5 million and has been barred from marketing or selling its wares in the United States.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

April 4, 2017

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A California court has ruled in favor of Blizzard following the company’s request for a default judgment against hack distributor Bossland GMBH just last month. 

According to court documents shared by TorrentFreak, Bossland is ordered to pay Blizzard $8.5 million for an estimated 42,818 individual counts of copyright infringement and barred from both marketing and selling its hacks in the United States. 

The ruling is the latest in years of legal conflict between Blizzard and Bossland. This particular case kicked off when Blizzard sued the German-based hack distributor for copyright infringement last summer.

That original lawsuit accused Bossland of creating and facilitating the use of “malicious software products” designed to circumvent Blizzard’s anti-cheat software and give players an unfair advantage in a number of Blizzard's games.

Last month, the developer opted to seek a default judgment on the case after Bossland cut off all communication following its failure to have the case dismissed. The default ruling was granted last week after Bossland maintained that silence.

However, it's unlikely that this ruling marks the end of this particular conflict. Bossland CEO Zwetan Letschew spoke to TorrentFreak shortly after the default judgment was requested, saying that he plans to appeal the refusal to dismiss following the default judgment.

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