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The new studio is already at work on its debut project, known simply as Hornet.

Justin Carter

January 30, 2024

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Teaser image for AntiStatic Studios' PvE shooter, Hornet.
Image via AntiStatic Studios.

At a Glance

  • AntiStatic has also indicated it wants to work on games within (or similar to) the immersive sim genre.

Following the newly announced Shapeshifter Games, another new developer has arrived in AntiStatic Studios.

Key staff include writer Lukasz Ludkowski (Cyberpunk 2077), environment artist Kris Temper (BioShock), and community manager Gabriel Nordholm (Project Winter). Maciej Miksztal (Far from Home), and programmer Michal Koltun (Conan Exiles) round out the co-founders.

AntiStatic is already working on a PvE shooter codenamed Hornet. But the press release noted its interest in immersive sims, a genre where "possibilities extend beyond conventions of traditional video games."

Given its staff is currently made up of developers who worked on similar games like Cyberpunk and BioShock, it's interesting to see AntiStatic's debut project be a PvE affair.

Hornet will have an exclusive demo at GDC 2024 from March 18-22. Following that, AntiStatic is aiming to go into full production with a larger staff later in the year.

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