Best of iOS news: From Chaos Rings II to Flight Control Rocket

Gamasutra rounds up the latest news in the world of App Store gaming, featuring standout releases like Chaos Rings II, MotoHeroz, Flight Control Rocket, and Fireball SE.
[Gamasutra rounds up the latest news in the world of App Store gaming, featuring standout releases like Chaos Rings II, MotoHeroz, Flight Control Rocket, and Fireball SE.] - Square Enix Debuts RPG Sequel Chaos Rings II Square Enix's turn-based RPG sequel boasts a new battle system, an upgraded graphics engine, and a storyline that changes depending on player choices. - RedLynx's MotoHeroz Arrives For iOS "Trials series developer RedLynx brings its acclaimed WiiWare platform-racing game MotoHeroz to iOS platforms this week with 30 twisty, cartoonish race tracks." - Pig & Bullet Out Now For iOS "Along with updated graphics and a touch screen-optimized control scheme, the iOS version of Pig & Bullet sports a soundtrack by Mars Matrix composer Yasushi Kaminishi, along with a gameplay mode that challenges players to collect as many bullets as possible." - EA Publishes Flight Control Follow-Up Flight Control Rocket Flight Control Rocket expands on Firemint's successful air traffic control mechanics with a sci-fi aesthetic and new gameplay modes. - iPad Release Trailer: Incoboto (Fluttermind) "Incoboto sees a boy named Inco and his solar friend, Helios, exploring planets with grapples, jetpacks, teleports, gravity beams and other game mechanic-inducing machines on a mission to return light to the skies." - Angry Rock Studio Launches Sminis In App Store "In Sminis, players control the movement of tiny robots as they navigate various danger-filled obstacle courses. Multiple Sminis can be on-screen at once, forcing players to carefully consider whether stopping one character will leave another vulnerable to a nearby trap." - Lumi Updates For iOS, New Content To Launch Soon "The update brings improved gameplay and an updated user interface. Foundation Mobile hints at several new levels in forthcoming updates, along with a variety of new gameplay modes, including Blue Firefly Race and a difficult Challenge Mode." - Radiangames Releases Fireball SE In iOS App Store "Players avoid swarms of enemies while detonating nearby explosives to thin the pursuing hordes. If the action gets too hectic, players can also slow down time temporarily by using Meltdown Mode."

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