Bandcamp has successfully unionized at Epic Games

Before the weekend started, Bandcamp's employees had a majority vote to become the first union inside of parent company Epic Games.

As of Friday, May 19, Bandcamp's employees have successfully unionized. 

"We've won our union, 31 to 7!" wrote the union, known as Bandcamp United. "We’re excited to work with leadership to build a better Bandcamp! Thank you all for your support throughout this process, and in the future."

Staff for the popular music platform announced their union plans back in March. US workers in all departments (who aren't in a management or supervisor position) fall under its jurisdiction.

Because Bandcamp became a subsidiary of Epic Games back in 2022, this makes it the first union under the big-name developer behind the Gears of War franchise and more recently, Fortnite. Prior to voting, Epic and Bandcamp co-founder Ethan Diamond were accused of employing union busting tactics

A Bandcamp union

Diamond later refuted those claims, and argued that he was "following the NLRB’s (National Labor Relations Board) process and timeline." The NLRB must now certify the union, which is represented by the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU).

In a joint statement, Bandcamp United and Diamond wrote that they would "work together to continue to advance fair economic conditions for our workers and the artists who rely on us."

"We look forward to negotiating with an open mind and working in good faith to promote the best interests of all of our staff and the artist and label community we serve.”

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