Bandai Namco acknowledges Elden Ring performance issues on PC

The publisher has asked for patience while it works on a fix.

Bandai Namco has acknowledged Elden Ring's performance issues on PC, and has asked for patience while it attempts to fix the issues.

FromSoftware's acclaimed open-world spin on its soulsborne formula launched today, but players on PC have noted numerous issues that significantly hamper the experience.

According to third-party tracker SteamDBElden Ring has amassed over 750,000 players on Steam alone and is currently the top-selling title on the platform.

Addressing players in a blog post, Bandai Namco admitted Elden Ring is "currently experiences some issues that are preventing the game from playing properly under some conditions."

The publisher said it will be sending out a patch "in the near future" that addresses certain issues including frame rate stuttering, mouse sensitivity, Easy Anti-Cheat failing to launch, and "other performance-related issues during gameplay."

Bandai is also working on a few other bug fixes and improvements, and is advising PC players to update they graphics card drivers in a bid to improve performance in the meantime.

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