Ascendance - Development Journal #2

The Ascendance Team continues work on building up the levels within the game and fleshing out the NPC dialogue system using Unreal's powerful Blueprint Scripting Tool.

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Ascendance Development Journal #1:

            This past week was another productive week at the Ascendance Headquarters, also commonly known as the University of Advancing Technology. If you read our first development post, we were hard at work developing the story and levels for the game. We showed some screenshots of some works in progress and explain what the objective of the game is. Keeping with this standard, we bring more fresh news to the masses from this week’s development progress.


            Previously we decided that we needed a new logo/banner for the game. We had some work done up previously but wanted to go with something a bit edgier. So our concept artist has been hard at work developing a new logo/banner and even a full backdrop for our website that is in development. All of our online presence is currently a work in progress as well in case you clicked on those links above and were wondering why it was so empty. Please follow us and engage with the team to help push Ascendance forward and reach as many people as we can. Reminder, the game will be completely free upon release. But I digress. The logo/banner are more than halfway done and will be finished to show by the Development Journal #3 entry.  

Level Development

            The level designers have continued with flushing out the levels within the Unreal Engine and they are looking very promising. One of our levels, the Clone Lab, has received a lot of love and continues to edge closer to a final development state. This week our artists have the following screenshots to present to you.


            Our 3D modelers have also been hard at work developing the small intricate pieces that fill up the levels and bring them to life. At this point they have been modeled out but textures have not yet been created for them. Some of the items are things like chairs, tables, windows, cans, and other small but very important level details. Due to them not being textured yet, we felt that presenting them at this point would be premature. So instead, we present you with this!

Not yet textured yet either, but this creature is a bit more interesting to look at than a bare model of a chair. Enjoy!

NPC Dialogue

            Our programmer hasn’t received rest yet while he continues developing a fully functioning dialogue system so the player can interact and converse with the few NPCs that can be found in Ascendance. Once again, this entire game is being created with Unreal’s powerful Blueprint scripting tool so we have attached a few screenshots of the dialogue system in progress so you can see the inner workings behind simple speech.

Online Presence

            Outside of the actual game development, we have been at work starting to create the online presence for Ascendance. At the top of this article, you will see the links to our website, our Facebook page, and our Twitter account. Please like and follow us so you can keep up with our updates and help give feedback on what you see. We will also be releasing information about our Beta testing phase through those means so if you’re interested in trying out Ascendance, we’d suggest following us on those. Well that’s about it for this week. We look forward to bringing you more eye candy next week as we continue to work on Ascendance!

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