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Apple Watch gets its first exclusive game, courtesy of WayForward

This week long-standing developer WayForward confirmed plans to launch its next game, appropriately titled Watch Quest, exclusively for the upcoming Apple Watch.

Alex Wawro, Contributor

April 15, 2015

1 Min Read

This week long-standing developer WayForward confirmed plans to launch its next game, Watch Quest, exclusively for the Apple Watch.

While Apple's wrist-mounted iPhone accessory won't hit stores until next week, developers have already begun ruminating on how to make games for it

WayForward's next game seems to employ the watch as a peripheral that players can use to complete in-game quests at their leisure before returning to the phone to re-supply their characters, which seems superficially similar to the way developers used the Dreamcast VMU peripheral to augment games like Sonic Adventure.

The multi-platform studio seems to be designing its first Apple Watch game around microtransactions, with one quest coming free with the app and more in-game content available for purchase down the road.

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