Apple sets quarterly revenue record following iPhone X launch

Additionally, the company says that active iOS devices have jumped by 30 percent in just two years, with 1.3 million devices now out in the wild.

Apple has announced the results of the first quarter of its 2018 fiscal year. For the period ending December 30, 2017, Apple clocked its overall revenue at $88.3 billion for the quarter, a 13 percent year-over-year increase. 

This past quarter notably saw the release of the iPhone X, a launch that Apple now says brought in record revenue for a new iPhone lineup and helped it post the biggest quarter in company history. 

Following that launch, Apple now says that it counts 1.3 million iOS active devices worldwide as of this January. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, this is a 30 percent increase in active devices in just two years.

In the three month period ending December 30, Apple saw the sale of 77.3 million iPhones across all models. While the company didn’t note how those sales break down between different device generations, Apple did say that the iPhone X has been the company’s top-selling iPhone every week since its November 3, 2017 launch.

Revenue generated from iPhones alone came in at $61.6 billion for the quarter, a 13 percent increase year-over-year. Despite the $7 million jump in revenue between this quarter and the same period in 2017, the number of actual iPhone units sold actually decreased ever so slightly from last year's 78.3 million units sold.

Likewise, Apple didn’t see a big change in the number of iPads sold this quarter compared to last year, but revenue generated by those sales did increase. The company reports that it sold 13.1 million iPads this quarter, a 1 percent year-over-year increase. Revenue generated by the tablets, however, rose 6 percent year-over-year, coming in at $5.9 billion.

Both units and revenue were down by 5 percent year-over-year for its Mac line of computers this quarter. The beginning of the 2018 fiscal year saw 5.1 million units generate $6.9 billion.

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