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Fresh out of its own revival, Apogee Entertainment is looking to lend its publishing talents to a new batch of indie games in 2022.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

January 25, 2022

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The recently revitalized Apogee Entertainment has secured a $5 million investment from the eWTP Tech Innovation Fund, money the indie-focused company says will help it find and elevate undiscovered talent in that space.

Specifically, the funds will help Apogee move toward that "vision for an industry future" by funding new hires in management and production, and allowing it to sign new games and developers on a global scale.

In a statement, Apogee founder Scott Miller adds that the partnership "has us excited for the rocket ride ahead, on which we'll discover and bring even more games to the world."

Miller himself has played a key part in Apogee's recent revival. In 1987, Miller founded the original Apogee Software, which would later come to be known as 3D Realms. The Apogee name was later spun off by Terry Nagy into its own publisher in 2008. Miller then rejoined the modern incarnation of Apogee in 2021 ahead of the Apogee Entertainment reboot and its return to its indie publishing roots.

In a statement given as part of that reboot last April, Miller commented that modern indie developers "[have] the talent, and they’re ready for great things. We want to greatly boost the odds for these studios to become successful and self-sustaining, just like we did for studios throughout the ‘90s and early 2000s."

That same sentiment appears to have carried forward in this deal with eWTP, with the company's press release noting that both companies share that vision of seeing undiscovered indie developers elevated and rewarded for giving players games that are "complete, polished, and fun."

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