Apex Legends Mobile named best Google Play game of 2022

The mobile shooter also grabbed the User's Choice award.

The Google Play Best of 2022 award winners have dropped, and Apex Legends Mobile has been named the best overall game by the Santa Clara-based tech company.

According to Google, the shooter rose through the esports ranks and regularly appeared in the top 10 downloaded lists throughout the year. "The game brings all the excitement of the Apex Legends series to mobile and tablets so you can easily play wherever you are," added the company.

Apex Legends Mobile was also handed the Users Choice award, meaning it can celebrate an impressive double scoop.

Other notable winners in the Best Games section include Dislyte, which nabbed the Best Multiplayer award, and Angry Birds Journey, which won out in the Best Pick Up & Play category.

Dicey Dungeons took home the Best Indies prize, while Papers, Please was honored in the new Best Story category.

Genshin Impact celebrated victory in the Best Ongoing category, another new addition for the Best of 2022 awards, and Tower of Fantasy grabbed the Best for Tablets statue.

You can find the full list of video game winners below, or visit the Google blog for a more comprehensive rundown that also includes apps.

Google Play's Best Games of 2022

  • Best Overall Game: Apex Legends Mobile
  • User's Choice (Game): Apex Legends Mobile
  • Best Multiplayer: Dislyte
  • Best Pick Up & Play: Angry Birds Journey
  • Best Indies: Dicey Dungeons
  • Best Story (new category): Papers, Please
  • Best Ongoing (new category): Genshin Impact
  • Best on Play Pass (new category): Very Little Nightmares
  • Best for Tablets: Tower of Fantasy
  • Best for Chromebooks (new category): Roblox

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