Annapurna's head of Interactive is now company president after executive shuffle

Deborah Mars and former Capy Games boss Nathan Vella are now the bosses of the interactive division.

Indie entertainment enterprise Annapurna Pictures has a new company president--and he hails from the company's exceptionally robust interactive division. Today the company announced that Nathan Gary, who until recently was the head of Annapurna Interactive, is now president of the whole company.

In his stead, Deborah Mars and Nathan Vella (formerly a co-founder of Capy Games), will take over the company's video game division. 

CEO Megan Ellison praised Gary's talent, saying that he "helped build Annapurna Interactive from the ground up, showing impressive leadership as well as the innate ability to identify and foster creative voices."

Gary's promotion seems to be a good omen for the company's hybrid structure supporting both film and video game production. It's one of the few companies coming out of the film and television business that's managed to publish hit after hit in the world of video games, earning critical and commercial success with most of its games.

That's in contrast to its film and TV slate, which has taken a pounding since the heyday of releasing films like Zero Dark Thirty, Her, and American Hustle (but they did produce Booksmart, which was great!)

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