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And The Winner is... Virtual Economies

How many game developers are adding virtual economies at any given time? How much effort is wasted by each of them developing on their own and what could be achieved with a collaborative effort.

We already know that virtual economies are powering over 90% of the top grossing games but how many developers are actually planning on implementing in-game economy in their game and what other alternatives are developers using.

We asked the mobile game develoepr community of the The SOOMLA Project the following question “What business model will your freemium game use?”. The options we gave were:

  • Free with Virtual Economy (in-game coins)
  • Free with option to buy full version
  • Ads (banners and full page)
  • Free and sell levels and upgrades
  • I’m making a premium game
The results are given at the chart below:

The full results in the original survey can be found here as well - What business model will your freemium mobile game use?
The trend towards Virtual Economies is very strong and combined with some other data about the number of new mobile game projects starting every month, one can reach the conclusion that there are about 12,000 games that are trying to integrate virtual economies at any given moment.
What’s even more interesting is the fact that if you combine all the coding efforts being put into virtual economies you easily reach 1,000 years of man work. One can only imagine what could be achieved if even 1% of this effort would have been funneled towards a collaborative project.

This is what The SOOMLA Project is about. Standardizing Game Economies and colloboratively creating a Virtual Economy Framework that will benefit everyone.

Will be happy to discuss more about this or any other game economy design topic. You can find me at Google Plus , the SOOMLA blog or on Twitter.  

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