Altor investment fund grabs majority stake in Swedish publisher Raw Fury

Global investment fund Altor has purchased a majority stake in Swedish publisher Raw Rury for an undisclosed fee.

Global investment fund Altor has purchased a majority stake in Swedish publisher Raw Rury for an undisclosed fee.

Raw Fury is best known as the indie-focused publisher behind titles like Call of the Sea, West of Dead, Bad North, Dandara, Gonner, and Sable. The company has published 24 titles to-date, and currently has 60 employees on its books.

Altor, meanwhile, is a family of investment funds that focuses on financing and developing medium sized companies, and is specifically interested in funding Nordic businesses. 

According to Raw Fury founder Jonas Antonsson, the deal will allow the company to increase its production capacity, make new hires, and crucially give it the means to publish larger projects while still funding smaller, more experimental titles.

"This is just the next important stepping stone in our pursuit to support artistic expression within this medium we cherish and love," said Antonsson, who also thanked Raw Fury's previous partner, Nordisk Film, for its support.

"We will maintain our autonomy and we will keep being a force for good in this industry.Keep putting artistic integrity at the forefront, staying true to our human ethos, and making real connections with our developers and players. This is what matters and why we started this thing in the first place."

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