Accessibility tags on Xbox will help players understand which games are right for them

Microsoft also intends to standardize accessibility features to deliver a consistent bar for quality.

Accessibility tags are being added to the Microsoft Store on Xbox to help console owners make more informed purchasing decisions where accessibility is concerned.

The tags will include a list of 20 accessibility features that are commonly sought out, including narrated game menus, subtitle options, input remapping, full keyboard support, single stick gameplay, and more.

Microsoft explained developers will need to ensure each accessibility feature they implement meets a specific set of criteria so it can deliver a consistent bar for quality. Publishers will also be able to include links on the storefront to highlight additional accessibility information.

"We know that many gamers find it frustrating when a game has subtitles but the font size is so small that it is really difficult to read. Not only do we require subtitles to meet a specific font size to check our 'Subtitle options' feature tag, but we also require that subtitles can be resized by up to 200 percent," reads an Xbox Wire blog, providing one example of how Microsoft will work to standardize the feature set.

Microsoft intends to add more tags in the future, but chose to start with 20 to help avoid confusion. Accessibility feature tags are currently available to members of the Xbox Accessibility Insiders League, and will be heading to, the Xbox app on PC, and Xbox Game Pass applications in the coming months.

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