A dev is trying to crowdfund legal action against Crytek over unpaid wages

A former Crytek dev who says he wasn't paid for months is looking to crowdfund money to take the company to court and reclaim the money he alleges Crytek still owes him.

Reports are surfacing this month that Crytek is (again) having trouble paying its staff, and now Kotaku reports a former Crytek dev who says he wasn't paid for months is looking to take the company to court to reclaim the money he alleges Crytek still owes him.

While FX artist Ludvig Lindqvist's claims aren't terribly novel, his method for funding them is -- he's gone ahead and set up a GoFundMe campaign today with the goal of raising at least €20,000 to cover his legal fees. He's also pledged to donate any funds raised above that amount to either charity or other Crytek devs in need of support.

"This does not only affect me, all Crytek employees are in the same situation," reads the description of his campaign.

"Crytek has failed to pay salaries on time starting May 2016. Ever since May this year, salaries have been delayed. Today as I'm creating this GoFundMe campaign, 14th December 2016, it was 58 days since Crytek paid me my September salary. Two whole months have failed to make it to my account. The last salary I got was one month late."

Lindqvist has been active in the game industry for some time, and he notes that he spent a bit over a year at Crytek  (March of last year through this month, to be exact) before resigning due to unpaid wages. 

Crytek representatives have not yet responded to Gamasutra's requests for more details on what's going on with the company's finances. As always, if you or someone you know is being affected by this situation, you can email Gamasutra to tell your story confidentially.

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