6 Valuable Intentions For 2014

New year intentions are usually very cliche, especially when you aim them at your individual goals. When you have a game studio you have to make a prognosis on many things.

New year intentions are usually very cliche, especially when you aim them at your individual goals. When you have a game studio you have to make a prognosis on many things. My studio KeokeN Interactive has it's goals, but since I am the owner and part of the company, some of these intentions have a lot to do with me. In this article I would like to share some of these valuable intentions.




Finish A Game

I have my company since 2011, but because I was still in university I used it mostly as freelance tool to send invoices. In june 2013 I decided to transform KeokeN into KeokeN Interactive, an independent game studio. Since then, we developed a concept for a horror game that received contribution from the Gamefonds foundation. We now have the funds to create a demo/promotional version for this game. This game will be our debut as KeokeN Interactive within the international game industry.




Meet Someone Cool

Magnify your connections is a great thing, maintaining them would be even more important. I think it's great to set up a meeting or dinner with someone I find interesting to talk to. Just to get to know someone a little bit better. For example it would be great to set up a meeting or schedule a dinner with Rami Ismail, Vlambeer's business guy. The exact same goes for Oliver Kern a marketing strategist, or David Perry the CEO of Gaikai, alltough I think he would be a little out of reach for now. It's great to talk about what drives us and to share our stories. All of them work with very busy schedules, so this will be a challenge.



Help The Game Industry
The most important reason I started blogging about my experiences in the game industry was to share and maybe trigger minds. By contributing my ideas and experiences I hope I am a help to many companies and individuals working in the game industry. At the start of this blog I wrote a post weekly, but it is very difficult to run your company, develop games and write an interesting article every week. I brought this back to once every two weeks. It feels more comfortable. I plan to write around 30 articles this year.


Debuting As Producer
I can't say this is my first game I officially published, because that was Robofail in 2012. But in 2013 I mainly worked as game producer and especially on the Global Game Jam game "Size Matters" now called "Expandaball". This game is being published by Gamious a young mobile publishing company located in Amsterdam. The game is in it's finishing stages, and it will see be released in the near, near future. It would be my debut as Game Producer.




Meet An Army Of Cool
To meet a lot of great people from around the world I will be visiting a lot more exhibitions and events. For example the GDC Europe would be a great place to meet new people and to catch up with people I already know. If development of the horror game is fortunate enough. I will exhibit at a few events myself.




Find 'The One'
As a director you need to find the right people for certain spots in a game development team. Because we great 3D game experiences, I would like to say I already found my audio composers and environmental artist. Audio is greatly respresented and taken care of by my own brother Paul Deetman and good friend Jelle Jansen. My artist Leon started as an intern but I am making plans to offer him a spot on the team. His level as a student is insane. He shows extreme progression. To think that he is just doing this for 2,5 years now, proves me he will be become better and better. A few spots are still left and I have to hire and find new people. This year I hope to offer spots to people I have worked with, showing me the same passion like all of us.



At the end of 2014 we will see how many of these goals I have reached and what has been changed or didn't happen.


Do you have any great intentions for 2014?



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