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"Little Orbit is starting from scratch," reads a message to Unsung Story Kickstarter backers from the new developer, who is taking over the project from embattled developer Playdek.

Alex Wawro

August 1, 2017

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More than three years after launching a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund a tactical role-playing game purportedly designed by veteran game dev Yasumi Matsuno, developer Playdek has formally passed the reins to game company Little Orbit.

This is something worth watching because (as Kotaku points out) development on the game, Kickstarted to the tune of $660k and titled Unsung Story: Tales of the Guardians, appears to have gone rather badly under Playdek's watch.

The game missed its slated 2015 release date, and early last year Playdek announced that it was putting the project on hold due to a lack of resources. Now, the team at Little Orbit have published an update on the project's Kickstarter page that suggests the company is starting over fresh.

"Little Orbit is starting from scratch. We have spent hours going through the Kickstarter comments and researching all of the project materials, and I feel the backers have made one thing clear – we need to focus on the original single player game and Matsuno’s design that was promoted during the campaign," reads the post. 

"At this point, our primary goal is to separate the years of modifications and changes that were made while Playdek attempted to deliver something to their backers."

It's yet unclear to what extent Matsuno is involved with the project, if at all. His career encompasses a variety of projects, but he is best known for serving as a director and writer on games like Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together and Final Fantasy Tactics.

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