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'Toxic' League of Legends players won't get rewards from Riot

Jeffrey Lin, the company's lead designer of social systems, outline's the company's policy -- which enjoins badly behaved players from getting what everybody else is.

Christian Nutt

August 21, 2015

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Earlier this year, Riot rewarded well-behaved players with a "mystery gift" for their good behavior. The company plans to offer rewards to well-behaved players yet again, and in a new ask.fm post Jeffrey Lin, the company's lead designer of social systems, outlines exactly what behavior Riot deems unworthy of reward this time around.

That would be players who "were excessively toxic (so, exhibited severe offensive behaviors such as racism and sexism) or were persistently toxic (so, exhibited moderately offensive behaviors in a large number of games)."

However, players who were penalized for their behavior but "successfully reform by the end of the season" will be part of the reward scheme: Some carrot, rather than stick, for the player-base.

Daybreak Games, developer and publisher of EverQuest II, meanwhile, is taking a more purely punitive tack: It's experimenting with a "prison server" for players it deems incorrigible.  

It's worth mentioning that Lin made some mistakes in his initial announcement of the requirements, which touched off controversy in the game's fan base; the ask.fm post was a clarification of the rules. Earlier this year, Lin explained his philosophy toward player toxicity in a Gamasutra interview.

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