'Reality-focused' game dev Surrogate secures $2 million in funding

Finnish reality-focused game developer and video streaming company Surrogate has raised $2 million in funding.

Finnish reality-focused game developer and video streaming company Surrogate has raised $2 million in funding. 

The investment came via a seed funding round led by Initial Capital, which has previously invested in Supercell. Initial was joined by fellow investors ProFounders Capital, Brighteye Ventures, and Business Finland. 

Breaking the news in a blog, Surrogate explained it'll use the cash to rapidly expand its "Surrogate Reality" game portfolio while "continuing to enhance its low-latency video streaming technology. 

If you're unsure as to what exactly the term "Surrogate Reality" actually means, the studio claims its the closest possible thing to experiencing something in real-life over the internet.

Its tech aims to "enable anyone to watch and play real-life games remotely," something the team says continues to blur the line between watching and interacting with entertainment.

“To date, video games continue to be developed with the same limitations that existed at the time of Pong -- creating fake physics and fake graphics in an attempt to mimic real-life," commented Surrogate CEO and co-founder, Shane Allen. 

"At Surrogate, we want to rethink this process by bringing in unique benefits that the real world has to offer and using them as major elements in the video gaming experience."

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