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Time Gentlemen, Please! Dev Takes A Risk With Name Change

Zombie Cow, the indie dev behind Time Gentlemen, Please! has changed its name to Size Five Games, noting that "there’s no point going through life when something’s a bit off and making you unhappy."

Mike Rose, Blogger

May 20, 2011

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Zombie Cow Studios, the indie developer behind Time Gentlemen, Please! and Channel 4 funded sex education game Privates, has changed its name, now going by the title Size Five Games. For such a small operation it's a risky move -- Zombie Cow had been building a name for itself, and by losing that name, the developer also loses some brand recognition. But for Dan Marshall, the sole developer behind the company, the name change comes as a result of him not being happy with the current name, and while he said the move is "probably pretty reckless... You only get one life, and there's no point going through it unhappy with something if it's well within your capability to change it." Speaking to Gamasutra, Marshall admitted that he's worried to see what happens next. "I'm absolutely petrified. Changing the name so completely is pretty reckless, especially for a struggling indie." "I'm hoping that the vast majority of the fanbase will hear about the name change, and that for the rest, we were always 'those Time Gentlemen, Please! guys' more than anything else." Marshall noted that he is aware that the change may lose him followers, but that he hopes it will work for the best in the long run. "It's a huge concern, but there's no point going through life when something's a bit off and making you unhappy, if there's something you can do about it." "It felt like we were walking towards a destination at an oh-so slight angle, so we were going the right sort of way but I just wasn't happy with the route. You never know, this might work out really well and get loads more people playing our games. Maybe it'll become a regular thing where I change the name of the company every three years or so. (I won't)." Discussing his upcoming project, as of yet unannounced, Marshall explained, "It's a completely new IP, completely self-funded and it's completely brilliant. It'll follow that classic Zombie Cow line of silly irreverent humor, and it's all coded and art-ed by me."

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