The Stomping Land continues to set a bad example for Early Access

One of the developers working on Supercrit's crowdfunded prehistoric survival game has quit the project after more than a month of no contact (and no payment) from Supercrit chief Alex Fundora.

Indie developer Supercrit continues to be an example of what not to do when developing games via Kickstarter and Steam's Early Access service. 

PCGamer reports that one of the modelers working on Supercrit's crowdfunded prehistoric survival game The Stomping Land has quit the project after more than a month of no contact (and no payment) from Supercrit chief Alex Fundora.

Fundora has a history of being uncommunicative, and The Stomping Land was effectively delisted from Steam last September by having the option to purchase the game removed after going months without a significant update.

A petition for refunds was also launched at that time, though it seems that no refunds have been issued to either Kickstarter backers or Early Access customers to date.

At some point in the interim The Stomping Land was made available for purchase on Early Access again, but the game has not been updated since September and modeler Vlad Konstantinov has now signed a contract with another developer.

It is unclear where the $114,060 that Fundora raised via Kickstarter in 2013 to make The Stomping Land has gone, or if any development on the project is taking place. 

The spectre of Early Access games launching in an unsatisfactory state (or not launching at all) drove Valve to update its FAQ last summer to make it clear that Early Access games may never be finished, and later to encourage developers to "set proper expectations" for Early Access titles. 

Gamasutra has contacted Valve for more details on why the game was delisted/relisted on Steam.

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