The Division breaks Ubisoft 24-hour sales records

The game Ubisoft needs to be a hit has turned into one, the French giant reports, with a big boost to digital download sales, too.

Ubisoft today revealed that The Division, its brand new action-RPG in the vein of a gritty, modern Destiny, is the fastest-selling game the publisher has ever released -- selling more copies in 24 hours than any prior Ubisoft title.

Full digital game sales also set records for the company on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. This news comes from a statement posted to Ubisoft's blog.

If this news sounds slightly familiar, it's because we reported just two years ago that open world game Watch Dogs had also broken day-one records for the company.

As then, the company is relying on its latest hit to help boost its sales -- this time, after a weak holiday season.

The good news may help attract investment in the company -- something it's seeking to fend off a hostile takeover by French conglomerate Vivendi, which is eyeing the game publisher.

While these results are no doubt impressive, game sales have become increasingly front-loaded in recent years, as revealed in this chart based on research by EEDAR and the NPD Group. In other words, it's unclear if breaking records day-one means bigger sales in the long run.

If you're curious how The Division came together, read our interview with David Polfeldt, managing director of lead development studio Massive Entertainment. If you want to know more about how Ubisoft makes giant games with giant teams, check out our recent original story on the subject, which features commentary from Ubisoft Montreal developer Chadi Lebbos. 

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