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Tera Online To Use Automated Community Management Platform

Korean developer Bluehole studio plans to integrate Crisp Thinking's automated community management platform into its upcoming online game to help prevent illicit online player behavior.

Tom Curtis, Blogger

August 10, 2011

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In an effort to help prevent illicit online behavior, Korean developer Bluehole Studio and publisher En Masse Entertainment have announced that they will integrate Crisp Thinking's automated community management platform into their upcoming fantasy MMO Tera Online. The Crisp Platform works to prevent gold farming, auto-leveling, spam, and griefing by tracking in-game chat, trading systems, and other social data, and prevents players from engaging in specific kinds of behavior based on rules set by the game's moderators. "The Crisp Platform automates many of the functions of human moderators, which allows our live team to spend their time moderating serious issues and helping players," says Patrick Wyatt, COO of En Masse Entertainment. "MMOs are judged by how well they deliver a compelling gameplay experience. A crucial element is how well they respond to and deal with anti-social behavior and threats such as gold farming, griefing and spamming -- unchecked, these threats can destroy even the most popular online games," he continues. Crisp Thinking has also worked with a number of other major online game publishers, including Sony Online Entertainment, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and more.

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