Stonehearth studio nets $4.5M to keep making PC games

Indie studio Radiant Entertainment has secured $4.5 million in investments from firms like London Ventures Partners as it continues to develop its Kickstarted PC game Stonehearth.

Word comes in from the Wall Street Journal today that Los Altos-based indie studio Radiant Entertainment has secured $4.5 million in investments from firms like London Ventures Partners and Andreessen Horowitz as it continues to develop its Kickstarted PC game Stonehearth.

As the Journal points out, this is notable because it's the first time that London Ventures has invested in an American games company. Firm co-founder Paul Heydon said in a statement that the business of PC games "has been reinvigorated" thanks in large part to Steam, an "App Store for PC games" that is currently brimming with open-world survival and crafting games.

Radiant seems well-positioned to flourish in that environment; its debut title, Stonehearth (pictured), is a procedurally-generated sandbox strategy game that was Kickstarted to the tune of ~$750,000 at the end of 2013, and launched on Early Access this month. 

You may remember Radiant as the indie studio launched in 2013 by Tom and Tony Cannon, both of whom are best known for their involvement with the fighting game community.

The pair played a critical role in, among other things, the creation of the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) of fighting game tournaments, the founding of and the development of the GGPO networking middleware, which has been licensed for use in fighting games like Skullgirls and Killer Instinct.

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