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Much like the galaxy itself, Star Citizen's ability to get money from backers appears to be limitless.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

August 25, 2023

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Screenshot of an RSI Scorpius from Cloud Imperium's Star Citizen.

Cloud Imperium's Star Citizen will soon receive over $600 million from backers, according to the game's website. At time of writing, the game is a little over $5,000 away from hitting that funding benchmark, and continues to be one of the most expensive games to ever be developed. 

As far as humans are concerned, the game has had 4.76 million backers. CCU Game reports that the game has received $59 million in funding this year, with $19.1 million from May alone (the biggest month so far). 

Checking the daily backers, it appears Cloud Imperium receives as low as $50,000 (which it did on August 18) to as high as $186,000 (August 23). Backer numbers for today, August 25, have yet to be disclosed.

Year-wise, 2022 has been Star Citizen's most-funded year overall at $110 million. Presently, 2023 is the fourth-highest year for player backing behind 2022, 2021 ($86 million), and 2020 ($78 million).

Previously on Star Citizen...

Star Citizen originally began its funding period in late October 2012, and over the years, has amassed more and more money from crowdfunding. In 2018, Game Developer reported that it raised $200 million, which underlines how far it's come, and how long it's been.

The game itself is currently playable and in its alpha testing stage. Its most recent build update came earlier in August.

In the time Star Citizen has been crowdfunding money, Cloud Imperium has managed to open new studios in both Germany and the UK, has been sued by (and settled with) Crytek, and has raised millions from private investments. More recently, it acquired Turbulent Games, a studio that's been helping with development for eight years.

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