Roblox devs can now release their games on Xbox One

The Roblox Corp. has updated its F2P, massively-multiplayer online game/creation toolset Roblox to permit players who've built their own games inside Roblox to make them playable on Xbox One.

The Roblox Corporation has updated its free-to-play, massively-multiplayer online game Roblox to permit players who've built their own games inside Roblox to make them playable on Xbox One.

This is important because there are a lot of people dabbling with game creation tools in Roblox, which is aimed at ages 8-18 and has long positioned itself as a potential launching pad for budding game developers.

"In order to encourage young developers, we’re trying to become more of a publisher ourselves," Roblox Corp. representative Brad Justus told Gamasutra back in 2014. "We’re a platform, like the lovechild of LEGO and YouTube and Steam."

At the time the company was experimenting with publishing some of the more fully-featured games Roblox players had created as standalone games on mobile app stores. Roblox came to Xbox One early this year, but with just a curated selection of games created by members of the Roblox community.

Now any Roblox player can make their creations available for Roblox Xbox One owners to download and play, though the Roblox Corp. suggests any budding console Roblox game devs read their guidelines on how to make games that are well-suited to consoles by incorporating things like gamepad support and haptic feedback. 

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