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Pokemon Go pulled $600M in revenue faster than any other mobile game

Pokemon Go was able to earn $600 million twice as fast as the previous record holder, thanks in part to its unique playerbase.

Alissa McAloon

October 21, 2016

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According to market researcher App Annie, Pokemon Go has earned $600 million in revenue faster than any previous mobile game to-date.

And while the $600 million milestone is impressive in itself, what’s really notable here is that Pokemon Go was able to earn that much revenue in only 90 days. 

That is significantly less time than other mega popular mobile games took to earn the same amount in the past. Candy Crush Saga, for example, took more than 200 days to generate $600 million in revenue. For Puzzle & Dragons, it took twice as much time as Candy Crush at 400 days.

App Annie also said that, despite declining numbers presently, players have almost spent more time in Pokemon Go than they have with the next 19 most popular mobile games combined. On Android, 45 percent of total mobile gaming time was spent in Pokemon Go, with the remaining 19 games accounting for the remaining 55 percent. 

The report shared by VentureBeat says that a major part of Pokemon Go’s continuing success comes from its ability to appeal to people who wouldn’t typically be interested in mobile gaming. This reinforces a previous report from Newzoo that said something similar, and implied that the mobile gaming market as a whole could benefit from Pokemon Go’s unique market. 

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