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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds introduces a paid event pass

Starting this week, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will introduce the Event Pass, a 4 week limited time add-on for players where they can unlock exclusive content and missions.

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June 20, 2018

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Starting June 22, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will introduce the Event Pass, a new progression-based system where players can pay to unlock the pass and complete certain missions in order to “level up” the pass, which will gain them access to exclusive items and specific missions. 

This new business model is likely a response to Fortenite's Battle Pass, which is a similar subscription service, although the approach for earning revenue is slightly different.

A Steam post details the upcoming change, which is slated to go live when the new map Sanhok hits servers. As it currently stands, players can unlock cosmetic changes for Battlegrounds through the crate and key system. 

The system allows players to get reward items regardless of whether they made a purchase or not. They can also resell unwanted crates and items back to the Steam Marketplace and acquire items or add funds to their Steam Wallet without ever using cash payment methods. 

Unlike Fortnite's Battle Pass, the Event Pass is a four-week, limited-time add-on that players can purchase for $9.99, where the goal seems to be encouraging players to complete challenges on a daily and weekly timescale and level up. 

By leveling up, they can unlock exclusive content that can only be earned through the Event Pass, and not purchased through the in-game store. 

PUBG Corporation is tying the first Event Pass to the launch of the new map Sanhok, citing that it includes “an item set that fits the map Sanhok thematically.” There will also be Sanhok-specific missions for players to compete for rewards, encouraging users to play on the new map instead of falling back to the two existing ones.

"Just like the crate and key system, you’ll be able to get rewards in the Event Pass system regardless of whether you made a purchase," the post continues.

"If you’re hesitant about buying the Pass, but want to play the missions, you’re free to do that. And your mission progress is always tracked, so you can buy the Event Pass late in the event and still get all the rewards you’ve earned."

To read more in-depth into the upcoming changes in Battlegrounds, click here.  

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