Northgard developer Shiro Games has launched a new indie publishing label

Northgard and Evoland developer Shiro Games has launched a new publishing label called Shiro Unlimited.

Northgard and Evoland developer Shiro Games has launched a new publishing label called Shiro Unlimited.

The company intends to focus on "helping bring ambitious new indie titles to life" by offering financing, publishing expertise, and development and marketing support.

Shiro Unlimited's first project will be Opportunity, a narrative exploration title developed by Dimanche Corp and inspired by the day the Earth lost contact with the game's titular Mars rover.

Further outlining its ambotuons for the label, Shiro said it wants to sign projects that it could have made in-house and is specifically interested in helping smaller teams realise their ambitions.

"Shiro Unlimited will benefit from the experience and skills Shiro has developed over the last 10 years, with the objective of carefully curating and publishing titles that Shiro themselves could have made and the clear goal of preserving the vision of their developers, whilst helping smaller teams achieve the best possible version of their projects," explains the Shiro Unlimited website.

"With this in mind, all games published by Shiro Unlimited will aim to offer a new type of experience in their specific genre or innovation in fields like art direction, gameplay and systems, genre crossovers and more."

Interested developers can get in touch with the publisher and learn more by visiting the Shiro Unlimited website.

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