Metro Exodus made back its dev and marketing costs in under 2 months

4A Games' Metro Exodus managed to earn enough to cover both its development and marketing costs by the end of THQ Nordic's Q5.

4A Games' Metro Exodus managed to earn enough to cover both its development and marketing costs in just under two months.

THQ Nordic, the parent company of publisher Deep Silver, shared some brief information about the game’s performance in its quarterly financial report, noting as well that the game was one of two primary drivers behind its strong earnings growth that quarter.

Comments from company’s earnings presentation also note that the game out-performed expectation for digital sales. THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors says that the majority of Metro Exodus’ sales came from consoles and that the game performed strongly on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

He remained vague on the game’s performance as an Epic Games Store exclusive however, but did say earlier in the presentation that the Metro series is typically one favored by consoles, though its PC following has seen recent growth. 

This presentation closed Q5 of THQ Nordic’s 2019-2019 financial year, a year extended by one quarter so that future financial years will run April to March. For that quarter spanning January to March 2019, the company reported a 158 percent increase in net sales, climbing from last year’s SEK 632.9 million (~$65.7 million) to SEK 1.6 billion (~$166.1 million). Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) jumped from SEK 225.9 million (~$23.5 million) to SEK 618.6 million (~$64.2 million) year-over-year, making for a 174 percent increase.

Looking just at the games business, Deep Silver was responsible for 77 percent of this quarter’s overall revenues with SEK 794 million (~$82.4 million) contributed, while THQ Nordic itself pitched in 14 percent at SEK 143 million (~$14.8 million) in revenue followed by Coffee Stain’s 9 percent at SEK 98 million.

For the full, 15 month fiscal year, THQ Nordic reported net sales of SEK 5.76 billion (~$597.9 million), and EBITDA of SEK 1.59 billion (~$165.1 million).

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