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Marvel Heroes players chasing add-on refunds after short-lived console launch

Marvel Heroes had a years-long presence on PC, but the console version of the game only existed for mere months before Gazillion announced Marvel Heroes would be shutting down.

Alissa McAloon

November 20, 2017

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Marvel Heroes console players are seeking refunds from Gazillion Entertainment for cash spent on microtransactions in its soon-to-be-shuttered free-to-play game Marvel Heroes

According to Kotaku UK, players that dropped cash on microtransactions for the console version of the game are up in arms over the closure since they've seen less than half a year of play out of their purchases. 

The situation is yet another cautionary tale game developers should keep an eye on regarding the use of microtransactions in games and presents an unfortunate look at what can happen when a live game sees a shorter life than expected.

While Marvel Heroes has had a years-long presence on PC, the console version of the game launched in July, just four months before Gazillion said it'd have to pull the plug on the game. In that period of time, players speaking to Kotaku UK had spent between $75 and $400 in the game.

As with most other free-to-play games out there, Marvel Heroes required players to sign its terms of service before logging in, which included a clause stating it could remove the game and any in-game content without warning and without compensating players. 

Kotaku UK says that this hasn't stopped players from hitting up either Sony or Microsoft support in hopes of having their content refunded, without much luck. Gazillion, meanwhile, has yet to address the issue.

Disney-owned Marvel announced that the life of Marvel Heroes was at an end last week, stating that the closure was a result of its ending relationship with Gazillion Entertainment. Following that announcement, Gazillion took to Twitter to note that the game would be officially shutting down on December 31, 2017, and that real money purchases would be removed from the game for the duration of its remaining time.

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