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Mario Kart-themed go-kart company loses against Nintendo in court, again

The ruling leaves the once_Mario_-themed business on the hook for damages that could exceed the previous 10 million yen ruling.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

June 4, 2019

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Nintendo has had another legal victory against the go-kart company Mari Mobility, this time in a higher court. The ruling could leave the once Mario-themed go-kart business on the hook for damages higher than the previous 10 million yen (or roughly $92,500 by current exchange rates).

SoraNews24 reports that Mari Mobility, previously known as MariCar, appealed the 10 million yen it was ordered to pay Nintendo in damages following last year's IP infringement lawsuit. Nintendo brought the case before the Intellectual Property High Court, however, and an interim judgement agreed that Mari Mobility’s business constituted copyright infringement.

That court has yet to decide how much is owed to Nintendo in damages, but SoraNews24 notes that it could be more than the 10 million yen Mari Mobility appealed against.

“We will continue to take necessary measures against infringements of our brand in order to protect our valuable intellectual property that we have developed over the years,” said a Nintendo representative in a statement.

In the time since the ruling, the previous MariCar website has undergone a rebranding that totes the service as Street Kart, a “real life superhero go-karting” tour of Tokyo and completely free of any Mario-themed imagery.

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